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Inspired from the rich éS lineage, we’re excited introduce the ONE NINE 7 that ignites all emotions of the late 1990’s, specifically 1/97. Dripping with luxurious, high quality materials such as Premium Nubuck Leather, Suede, and Mesh upper. The sole is a double cup with an updated Energy Foam Midsole. Supreme Comfort, Function and Style to look good and feel good on and off the board. This shoe revolutionized skate shoes, just as the new One Nine 7 will. Sneak peaks on Social Media have created a frenzy of demand.

Premium Quality Nubuck/Suede/Mesh upper
Unique Double Cup Outsole with Energy Foam Midsole
Lycra Spandex tongue straps
Breathable tongue mesh
Supreme Comfort, Board Feel and Performance
Full Grain/Mesh

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